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The definition of concepts, as defined within their own [discipline]

Within [disciplines] there are always words and concepts that are referred to, but a definition or explanation of them can sometimes be difficutlt to find.

This site’s basic imperative is to aide the reader by collecting definitions and a short explanation of these words and concepts of various [disciplines], as the [disciplines] define them internally.

I will do the best I can gathering concise definitions and easy explanations, but if you as the reader can help out in some way that would be much appreciated.

Help can come in the form of:

  • You having knowledge on the subject and thus able to provide a concise definition and a good/short/easy explanation.
  • You knowing of authoritative sources on the subject that you can point me to.
  • You having better definitions/explanations/sources than the ones currently listed.
  • Coming with suggestions on words, concepts, or even categories, you’d like defined and explained.
  • General advice and tips on the site’s style, form, and content.

The format:

Concept – Concise defintion: Explanation

I’ll try to boil the explanation down to ~10 lines at most, but may not always be able to. You can submit here.

This glossary should be used in conjunction with the study of the respective [disciplines], and not as a substitution for studying them.


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